Like Les Mis

So, I’m feeling kind of Les Miserables about this whole thing.  Didn’t they spend days up on that rickety-ass fort shooting at the big army and ended up dead anyway?

But a great day today!  The response to our stand has been much greater than I expected. I’ve had dozens of letters from families like mine just saying thank you for being vocal. There has to be something bigger here that I’m missing…some bigger need that we can fill.  Dan and I are thinking on it.

So quickly; today. CBS News blog did an interview, E Online, multiple newspapers, CBS national is mulling it, and then local CBS came into the restaurant and filmed for a segment tonight at 10.  I had a friend tell me I needed to google “hearty boys and huckabee” and that there are dozens of pages and blogs about it.  But you know what…I’m not going to.  Because we learned years ago with Food Network that in among these wonderful kindred souls are some people in crazy pants with time on their hands.   So, I’ll just let it play out and keep my eyes on my own paper.

This has gotten bigger than we had thought and I couldn’t be happier!!  In an interview today we were asked what we would ask Mr Huckabee. The answer was “Nothing.” We’re not looking to grill you, put you on the spot or make you uncomfortable. What kind of hosts would we be? We want you to have dinner with us, meet Nate, have a glass of wine.  You’ll see him be sweet, loving, mischevious, naughty…you’ll see us be sweet, loving, annoyed and whispering  ‘behave’ through our teeth. 

We expect you to come with a preconcieved notion of our family and to leave with a full belly and a better understanding of another boring American family.

More tomorrow?  Fingers crossed; where are you Ellen?! Oprah…a shout out to your neighborhood homies please, don’t you remember the meals we’ve fed you?  This is a conversation America is ready to have before Cosette bites it on the barricade.


11 Responses to “Like Les Mis”

  1. The Editorial Board Says:

    Hello, I am the college reporter who broke this story — I would love to help in whatever way possible! Drop me an email at

  2. Aaron Andersen Says:

    You guys are really inspiring. Keep it up! You have a lot of support in Chicago, and I’m sure throughout the country.

    I remember working one of your events at the Royal George Theatre many years ago, putting some sort of jelly on some sort of toast with goat cheese. Who would have thought back then that you’d become heroes to so many now?

    • natespop Says:

      Aaron, I haven’t been able to put time aside to reply to comments till now…but yours made me laugh with the Royal George jelly-toast line. Thanks for the kind words!

  3. Laura Maffei Says:

    Bravo, Steve. This is a particularly good week for awareness — yesterday was the national Day of Silence in recognition of the silence imposed on LGBT students who fear harassment or worse; the school where I teach participated for the first time. Keep it up and if there is any way I can help, let me know!

    • natespop Says:

      Hi Laura, So sorry we haven’t responded! I actually haven’t been thinking much about the blog until today’s update. The restaurant is quiet with the Hawks playoffs so I’ve been typing most of the nite. Thanks for reaching out and I hope you’re well!

  4. Louis Says:

    Steve! What a kind way to make a huge statement.



  5. Christine Says:

    Pops -o- Nate! You have the support of many many many folks all around the country!
    As another out and proud adoptive parent I too felt personally attacked and angered by the remarks of Mr. Huckabee. I’m looking forward to the governor’s response to your invitation. If he’s unable to make it to your house for dinner, perhaps he’d consider joining me at one of my son’s little league games- better yet, let’s encourage each and every queer adoptive parent to invite the gov to some part of our daily life.
    Afterwards, Mr. Huckabee can sit down with the national media and explain his views on ‘our experiment’ to the rest of the country.

  6. John Kerscher Says:

    Steve and Dan,

    My partner and I are raising an amazing 4 year old and want to help you drive cultural change for families like ours. We have taken our smiling son to your restaurant many times over the years, so we’re huge fans of your food. We strongly support your challenge to Mr. Huckabee and want to be a part of this revolution. Please let us know if there is anything we can do to help!

    John, Ricky, and Xavier

  7. Bryan and Joe with Nathan and Isabella Says:

    Hey guys. Just saw the article in the Tribune about your invite to Mr. Huckabee. We are thankful to have someone stand up and show that we are families just like any other. We are also glad that you chose to invite him in and show him this as opposed to marching down the street in protest to what he stands for. We have always felt that it is better to try to educate than to fight back and criticize with words. We have been together for 14 years and are raising 9 month old twins, Nathan and Isabella. Our household is just as loving, hectic, stressful and full of love as any other family. Thanks again for standing up for all of us.

    Bryan and Joe, Nathan and Isabella

  8. Jenny Merdinger Says:

    Dear Dan and Steve: We are all forwarding this like crazy. If anyone can make this happen it is going to be you guys.

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