just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water…

I’m  a lousy blogger. I admit it – but I never said this would become a full out blog.  I won’t write unless I have something of value to write about.  Which I do.

Here’s the update on what’s been going on since we invited Mike Huckabee to dinner (and it’s pretty cool). Congressman Mike Quigley (Illinois) approached us and requested that we think about hosting a family dinner at HEARTY. Long story short, we’ve met with his staff and this Monday (6/07) we’ll be having a dinner here for about 19 families (about 40 people with kids) at the restaurant and we hope for a lot of press to keep this conversation going.

Mike Quigley has written a press release re-inviting Mr. Huckabee http://bit.ly/9ZcnTH which includes the following line “When there are so many kids in need and so many parents who are unable to care for their children adequately, why we would criticize or think twice about a loving couple providing a loving home is beyond me.”

And Dan and I continue to ponder the bigger picture here.  Will this lead to a non profit to aid families in need? I am thrilled to see that already I don’t need to bear the pressure of this alone. We have numerous Chicago parents who have already become active in organizing this event and planning for the future.  And I am way proud of the name I came up with. “Families Valued”. I think it says it all.  I felt both relief and victory to see that it hadn’t been thought of before and grabbed the .com and .net domains.

So, we have a need that must be addressed, we have a group that wants to organize, we have a kick ass name, we have a Congressman who wants to bring pictures that our kids draw of their families directly to Mike Huckabee and we have many people who feel this conversation is only just beginning.

So, in closing, I would like to say to the guy who wrote me that hateful letter saying that I am beating a dead horse on this dead issue…bite my ass, pal.


5 Responses to “just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water…”

  1. Richard A. Walter Says:

    And I would love to help organize the North Carolina Chapter of Families Valued. After all, in the words of my bumper sticker on my 2008 Suzuki SX4 says, and as my grandchildren will tell you, ALL FAMILIES MATTER! You guys are really doing some GREAT work here. I am really looking forward to going online to see the news reports about this dinner Monday evening. oOu go, guys!


    That’s great to hear. Mike Quigley seems to be one of the very, very few Illinois pols who not only has a set of values, but who takes his job very seriously. Kudos to both you guys, and to Quigley for getting the proverbial ball rolling!

  3. Laura Maffei Says:

    This is great news. I’m so pleased, and proud that you did not give up.

  4. Lynn Says:

    Hey Steve…

    I’ve been waiting for an update, and this is a good one. I continue to be SO proud of you. Be the voice and the example; show them how it’s done.

    Love and support,

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